The Socialist

How does one to interpret the motives of left wing proponents?  Left-wing adherents fall into one of the following categories.

  • She/he has an emotional empathy with socialist ideology that is connected to a sincere concern for people’s welfare.  No logical thought process here, it just feels right.
  • He/she has come to a logical conclusion that supports the ideology, but the logic is based on incomplete information colored by emotional empathy.  The conclusion is reached based on faulty data and stops short of the true culmination of the logical process. This person applauds his critical thinking ability, but does not see far enough beyond that to apply critical thinking to his own assumptions. (We were once a person like that.  In high school we learned to apply critical thinking by questioning authority, questioning what was taught in history class, questioning the social standards of our parents’ era, etc. – typical for a teenager struggling toward an individual identity, independence from his parents, and maturity.)
  • The cynical insider, operating on the certainty that the masses are ignorant and always will be, therefore deeming it best to manipulate them for their own good. Among the cynical insiders are the power seekers, the political elite who would control the populous by any means at their disposal.  They will lie about their motives while continually trying to press beyond limitations on their power.  They will espouse a dedication to fair play as they bend and break the rules.  Their goal is absolute control.   Sincere social idealists are their tools.

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