False Unemployment Statistics

The unemployment numbers are adjusted to make it seem that the recession is over.

The most important statistic is the Number of People Employed in Non-agricultural Activities, available for all to see online at http://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat01.htm :

Year     Employment
2006    142,221,000
2007    143,952,000
2008    143,194,000
2009    137,775,000
2010    136,858,000
2011    137,615,000
2012    140,283,000

As you can see, in 2012 the number of  jobs since 2008 decreased by more than 2.9 million (that’s 143.194 million minus 140.283 million).

And yet we are constantly told that the US economy has been improving.  That’s a lie — there’s just no other way to describe it.

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